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Hello world!

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Welcome fellow Americans! I decided to create this site in order to STOP Hillary Clinton’s bid to become President of the United States. I am so sick of the current administration’s successes in tearing this country apart; breaking the moral fiber that’s been the foundational backbone of this country for hundreds of years, just to see it disappear in the 5 years under Obama’s tenure. He’s a Chicago hoodlum who won the federal election through fraud and deceit, a man who previously had no experience leading anything! ¬†Hillary Clinton is no better; she’s Obama in a pantsuit and perhaps the most dangerous woman in the world. She has absolutely no experience leading this country and it is my intent to stop the madness that’s destroying our country from the inside out.

When the Benghazi attacks occurred, where was Hillary Rodham Clinton? After our Ambassador and three other brave Americans were killed by terrorists, Hillary Clinton was busy covering her big ass via her husband Bill and none other than the President of the United States. I contend that this cover-up has two very important points. First, with the upcoming election it was imperative that Obama had the support and favor of Bill Clinton and the machine that created Obama’s “rock star” status; in return however, it was necessary to protect Hillary Clinton by shielding her from the media and preventing survivors of the Benghazi terrorist attack from talking. It’s obvious that Hillary couldn’t have pulled this off on her own, it was necessary to employ political muscle at the top level in the White House. Perhaps what really makes me sick was to watch Clinton and Obama as the body’s of our American hero’s were returned to American soil and watch them lie to the world regarding the attack on the consulate in Benghazi. This however, was just another cover-up that Obama has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he has experience in.